Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

MISS you friends :')

AAAAA! I really miss you friends!

Long time no see :'(

especially for:
  • Muhammad Irfan Fitriansyah. I don't know why, I really really miss you! Do you miss me? I think NOT! -,-
  • Tiara Novianti. I miss you when we played The Sims together. When you helped me to install The Sims. When we talking about him.
  • Nadya Calista Andriana. I miss you when we hang out with our friends. When we went to senior's home (i'm forget her name hahaha) to made some food.
  • Bintang Dwisetya. No Comment! -,-
For the other, I miss you when we studied together, when we went to Kaum for jogging, and many more :)

Where are you now friends?

For you...

I just want to say...


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